Quilt Party
Saturday, October 28, 2023
6  PM – 10 PM


Discover the art of creating stunning BarnQuilt blocks with us! We have two amazing designs to choose from: 12×12 and 24×24. What makes this workshop unique? We’ll be using a special medium-density overlay board designed to withstand the elements, so your creation can be proudly displayed indoors or outdoors! Feeling extra creative? You can even bring your own design if you prefer something different. Simply purchase your pattern size from ELBQpatternsHQ on Etsy. 🎨 This evening promises fun, creativity, and a chance to craft something beautiful for your space. You will need to purchase the cardinal pattern that is also posted here. If you are interested in a specific football team logo, please contact me prior to make sure that I can do that as well , all supplies are included, except for your pattern .Patterns must be complete and not a PDF form so be careful when you purchase your specific design. Also, when you are picking out your pattern, please do not pick out something that is extremely difficult especially if you are a beginner. Can’t wait to see everybody at this class. I look forward to teaching you how to make these beautiful gifts or projects . Don’t miss out! Sign up on our website mbscreativebrush.com and secure your spot. Cost of the class is $55 for a 12 x 12 and $125 for a 24 x 24. See you there! 🎉 #MbsCreativeBrush #BarnQuiltWorkshop #CreativeArtistry

Purchase one of the items below, and it will be ready for you to make at the party.  

Doors open only 15 minutes before your party.  If you would like earlier arrival, please contact me at 716-450-5357.

Please do not bring extra people with you unless they are making a craft too or you contact me first. They will be charged $35.  Thank you.



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