Quilt Party
Saturday, September 30, 2023
6  PM – 9:30 PM


This class will involve creating quilt designs using laser-cut pieces, with options including a 24″ round design with or without a “WELCOME” overlay, as well as a larger 24″x48″ Boho design framed piece. Participants will have the opportunity to choose their preferred colors for their designs. The final products can be hung over a couch or master bedroom wall. Can’t wait to see what beautiful designs that everyone comes up with.

Purchase one of the items below, and it will be ready for you to make at the party.  

Doors open only 15 minutes before your party.  If you would like earlier arrival, please contact me at 716-450-5357.

Please do not bring extra people with you unless they are making a craft too or you contact me first. They will be charged $35.  Thank you.



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