1. How do I book a party?
    1. Call MaryBeth Meredith at 716-450-5357
    2. Or email her at bookings@mbscreativebrush.com
  2. How many can I bring to a party?
    1. Minimum is 4 people, Maximum is 18
    2. Note: If you have 7 people in your party, you get an item free from the website. (Excluding Stove Top Covers, Cornhole Boards, and Large Clock)
    3. Also note: if the hostess has bookings at her party, she will receive a $10 credit per booking to use at a future class.  Class bookings MUST be completed in order to receive the credit.
  3. How far in advance do I need to book my party?
    1. Two Weeks before the date you would like to have your party.
  4. When do we need orders in by?
    1. A week before your party date.
    2. All orders close 2 days before the party.
  5. Why do we need to pre-purchase an item?
    1. We need time to prepare materials to be ready for you to make your craft at the party. (Example: cutting the wood)
  6. What is personalization?
    1. Size and font of the item you pick are personalized. The size will change the price.  Make sure to communicate that with MaryBeth.

*Simple substitutions of words within the shown design and layout can generally be made at no additional charge. However, significant changes to our standard designs or special requests for a new design are
considered custom and must be pre-
approved and submitted at least 5 days prior to your event. If approved, a customization fee of $15 will apply. The following are not personalization, but you can do them with any craft you purchase.

1.  Color – You can pick any color to paint your sign.
2. Stains – You can pick any stain.

  1. Can we bring food?
    1. Yes, just let MaryBeth know
  2. Do you have any beverages?
    1. Yes, Wine, Seltzers, Soda, Water, and Juice.
  3. What if I can’t attend a class because something came up but I purchased my craft?
    1. Please come to an Open Paint party on any Friday night 6-9 or Saturday morning 10-2 to complete your craft.
    2. Or you can pick it up as a kit to do at home.
  4. Children must be 8 and older to attend a workshop unless we are booking a private class or birthday party. Adult supervision may be required for larger children’s parties. Contact the studio for further questions or concerns.





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